The Art of Mindful Touch – year training in Thai Yoga Massage

In this training we dive deep into the art of Mindful touch. We teach Thai Massage, but we are just as interested in personal growth. 

‘When we are truly present and grounded, we create a space where touch goes further than just the physical: we enter a healing space for our receiver to be truly held. We are inspired by Buddhist philosophy where we see the massage as a means to develop compassion, presence and joy.’

Skills covered:

  • Get to know your body and move with ease using smart biomechanics
  • Thai Massage techniques that are effective, effortless, and/or fun
  • Find softness and depth in your touch
  • Improve your ability to listen and feel what the body of your receiver needs
  • Staying in touch with your own needs while giving -as a masseur & in life
  • Build strength and flexibility from giving (and receiving) massages
  • Listen to your intuition and develop your own massage style

Structure of the training:

This course consists of 9 days and one weekend over the period of one year

The training days are in the centre of Utrecht, on Sundays from 10.00-17.00

We start in April 2022, and end in February 2023

The weekend is in the Hobbitstee in Drenthe, in June

Highlights of this course:

  • We work in a small group (max 8 people) so there will be time and space for a lot of personal attention and questions.
  • Training takes place over the time of a year so you have time to practice your skills and embody them in between the training days. 
  • We spend one weekend all together in Drenthe, to immerse yourself fully in the practice, and really get to know each other.
  • Selle and Sytske are both very skilled teachers with a diverse background in bodywork, yoga and therapy, but most of all will strive to make you feel at ease and have fun!
  • You become part of a (global) community of Thai Massage therapists!
  • Training days in the middle of Utrecht, easy to reach by train, and in the middle of the picturesque city centre.
  • A detailed manual with all content we cover and clear pictures.


  1. April 24
  2. May 22
  3. June 17,18 &19 weekend in Drenthe 
  4. Sept 4
  5. Okt 2
  6. Okt 30
  7. Nov 27
  8. Dec 18
  9. Jan 15 2023
  10. Feb 5 2023


Werkplaats voor Geluk: Buurkerkhof 5 in Utrecht


Selle Postma:

Selle was led to Thai Massage through Yoga and Acroyoga and has a keen interest in how to use your body so that your massage is effortless and fun. She gets excited about taking difficult concepts apart and explaining them so you can understand and embody them. She is in love with almost everything about Thai Yoga Massage: the mechanics of it, the exercise you get, the community it comes with and most of all the relaxation it brings!

Sytske Riphagen

Sytske has a background as an art therapist and is comfortable in many body-mind modalities. She loves to create a safe space where people can experience connection and learn to trust their own bodies. Her practice in acrobatics and yoga led her to Thai Massage which stole her heart: the depth, attentiveness and gentleness brought together in one practice.  

For Who:

Anyone with an interest in bodywork

Masseurs who would like to learn a different approach

Yoga practitioners and teachers


Send us a message, please let us know a little about who you are and your experience with Thai Massage. Email to: and/or to


Regular price €875, 

If you earn a minimum wage, we can offer you this training for €750,-

This includes 9 in-depth training days, one full residential weekend and a manual.