Strengthen your core in a fun and challenging way

Do you want to increase your core strength but the thought of a million sit-ups makes you cringe? Do you want to stay strong even while you can’t have your regular acro training right now? Would you like to feel more control in your handstand & acro practice? In this class, you’ll work a variety of abdominal muscles in a creative and smart way.

Suitable for all levels – many exercises have different variations in challenge. We will work with movement, static holds, balancing… all to target the muscles in your midsection for a strong center.

We will work with Zoom, for that you will need to download the free Zoom app.

Use these codes to get in:

Meeting ID: 826 9421 0962
Passcode: handstand

Registration is not necessary, simply join!

A single class is 5,-.

You can use these links for making your payment: