Stretch and strengthen to increase your range of motion safely

Do you need a good stretch? Or maybe you are naturally flexible, but could use some more strength to use your range of motion safely?

In this class, we will work on flexibility with stretches and with targeted strengthening for end-range control. There’s no need to be flexible to begin with. Increasing mobility takes time and practice, and it’s so much more motivating to do this together. Being strong in your range of motion is so helpful for acro, handstands & even injury prevention. A big part will be about safety: I will never push you or let you move in pain.

We will work mostly on flexibility in our hips & legs (think towards front & side splits) and back & shoulders (think backbends like bridge).

We will work with Zoom, for that you will need to download the free Zoom app.

Use these codes to get in:

Meeting ID: 826 9421 0962
Passcode: handstand

Registration is not necessary, simply join!

A single class is 5,-.

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